An institution in the city, renowned for its traditional Irish Music & Set Dancing. O'Sheas Bar has a wonderful atmosphere and retains its old world character.

After a long day why not relax in our bar where our staff are more than happy to look after your every need. Food is served all day offering something for everyones taste. Our Irish stew is well worth a try. And what better way to unwind after your day than pulling up a chair and enjoying our Irish Music with live bands nightly. For the more energetic of poeple Irish Dancing takes place in the bar every Thursday night, so feel free to join in.



Irish stout
pint €5.00 - half pint €3.00


this stout's flavour is evocative of caramel and malt, Cork's favourite
pint €5.00 - half pint €3.00

Famous Ned O'Shea's Stout

coffee, chocolate and toffee malt aroma and body. Its bitterness is delicate and balanced to a fine art, brewed in small batches
pint €5.50 - half pint €3.50

Hop House 13

flavourful lager, light and hoppy with crisp refreshing flavours
pint €5.30 - half pint €3.40

Brewers Project

Open Gate Brewery Draught Beer. Still inovative after 256 years of brewing at Guinness, we are proud to serve the seasonal draught beer from the Open Gate Brewery. Our staff will be happy to tell you what we are pouring today!
pint €5.30 - half pint €3.00


Bulmers Original Irish Vintage Cider

pure, dry and refreshing
pint €5.50 - half pint €3.40

Orchard Thieves

a thieved apple tastes best! Refreshing sweet pressed apple flavours
pint €5.50 - half pint €3.40


Heineken, Corona Extra, Coors Light, Budweiser

bottle €5.90


bottle €5.60


non alcoholic €4.70


Smithwich's Red

Irish Red Ale from Kilkenny, Ireland's oldest ale. A ruby red classic
pint €5.00 - half pint €3.00

Smithwick's Pale Ale

a lighter coloured variation on the red ale using Amarillo hops
pint €5.30 - half pint €3.00

Smitwick's Blonde Ale

a golden beer made with Polaris hops, delicate flavour and a smooth finish
pint €5.30 - half pint €3.00

Franciscan Well Rebel Red

a true son of Cork, the rebel county, smooth, malty with a hint of sweetness
pint €5.50 - half pint €3.50

Franciscan Well Chieftan IPA

a warriors ale brewed to honour King Diarmuid McCarthy. A citra hop IPA - intense full flavours. 5.5% abv
pint €5.50 - half pint €3.50

McGargles Big Banging IPA

hoppy, simple, clean, big and banging. 7.1% abv
pint €6.95 - half pint €4.00


Heineken, Coors Light, Carling, Carlsberg, Budweiser, Harp, Hop House 13

pint €5.50 - half pint €3.40



500ml €5.60

Bulmers Light

500ml €5.60

Kopparberg Mixed Fruit

500ml €5.60

Kopparberg Strawberry & Lime

500ml €5.60


Covinas Sauvignon Blanc / Macebo (Spain)

green apple and tropical fruit aromas. Fruity, tasty and crisp acidity. 11.5% abv
175ml glass €5.90 - 750ml bottle €18.95

Alvier Chardonnay (Chile)

tropical fruit aromas of pineapple and banana with floral notes. Young, fresh, fruity and balanced on the palate. 13% abv
175ml glass €6.20 - 750ml bottle €22.95

Sonetti Pinot Grigio (Italy)

bright, citrusy, crisp fruit, refreshing with a floral fragance. 12% abv
175ml glass €6.20 - 175ml bottle €21.90


Rosé D'Anjou Gamay / Cabernet Franc (France)

soft, easy-drinking with intense raspberry and strawberry fruits combined with a long, fresh finish. Fun, fruity and delicious. 11% abv
175ml glass €6.20 - 750ml bottle €21.95


Covinas Temperanllo / Syrah / Cabernet (Spain)

full bodied blend that delivers ripe fruit and berry flavours, dark chocolate and cacao. 12.5% abv
175ml glass €5.90 - 750ml bottle €19.50

Long Row Shiraz (Australia)

intense, vibrant plum and blueberry, pepper and spice. 14.5% abv
175ml glass €6.20 - 750ml bottle €22.95

Alvier Merlot (Chile)

easy drinking, soft plummy, lush velvety tannins. 13% abv
175ml glass €6.20 - 175ml bottle €21.95


Colle Del Principe Prosecco (Italy)

10.5% abv ... 200ml snipe €8.95

Rialto Prosecco (Italy)

11.5% abv ... 750ml bottle €25.95


If you don't like gin, it's because you haven't tried the right one!


Choose Your Gin

Dingle Gin

from a hand beaten copper still in Co. Kerry ... €5.10
recommended serve - Poachers Irish Orange & Rosemary Tonic

Bombay Sapphire

iconic 10 botanical vapour infused ... €5.50
recommended serve - lime, juniper and Fever Tree Tonic

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin

slow distilled with oriental botanicals and gunpowder tea ... €7.00
recommended serve - grapefruit and Fever Tree Tonic


a Londin dry gin made with botanicals from along the traditional spice route that led back to the UK ... €6.50
recommended serve - red chilli and Thomas Henry Elderflower Tonic


unique Scottish gin infused with rose and and cucumber ... €5.50
recommended serve - cucumber and Thomas Henry Elderflower Tonic

Bertha's Revenge

Irish milk gin named after a legendary cow from Co. Kerry, who lived to 48! ... €7.00
recommended serve - lavender and Poachers Irish Tonic

Monkey 47

award winning gin from the Black Forest in Germany featuring 47 botanicals ... €10.50
recommended serve - lime zest with Fever Tree Tonic


London dry gin revered by bartenders all across the world ... €6.50
recommended serve - lemon and Thomas Henry Tonic


Choose Your Tonic

Schweppes ... €2.10
Schweppes Slim Line ... €2.10
Poachers Irish Orange & Rosemary ... €2.50
Fever Tree and Fever Tree Elderflower ... €2.5
Thomas Henry ... €2.50


Choose Your Garnish

Cucumber, lemon, lime zest, chilli, grapes, basil, lavender, orange, grapefruit, strawberry, juniper


Glendalough Authentic Poitín

before there was whiskey there was poitín. Poitín was the origin of the species, the original "water of life". It's Ireland's gift to the world, one of the first spirits ever to be distilled



35.5ml €4.80

Remy Martin VSOP

35.5ml €5.50


Famous O'Shea's Irish Coffee

Teelings whiskey, sugar and fresh cream €5.80

Hot Port

with lemon and cloves €5.00

Brandy & Port


Hot Whiskey

Teelings whiskey, lemon and cloves €5.50

Baileys Coffee



Smirnoff - €4.80
Stoli - €5.00
Grey Goose - €9.50
Crystal Head - €9.00
Titos - €7.00
Ketel One - €5.95


Dingle Whiskey

taking the best Irish malted barley to make pure pot still malt whiskey. Then put it in casks and the mild, moist, unique Dingle air does the rest.


a blend of pot still and fine grain whiskeys as versatile as it is smooth. Triple-distilled and aged for a minimum of 4 years, iconic brand.
35.5ml €4.80

Jameson 18 Year Old

35.5ml €19.95

Jameson Gold Reserve

35.5ml €16.50

Teeling Single Malt

'The Spirit of Dublin' craft copper pot distillers in the heart of The Liberties in Dublin's City Centre
35.5ml €7.50

Teeling Small Batch

35.5ml €5.00

Teeling Single Grain

35.5ml €7.50

Green Spot

35.5ml €7.95

Midleton Very Rare

35.5ml €17.00

Red Breast 12 Year Old

35.5ml €8.50

Red Breast 21 Year Old

35.5ml €20.00

Jameson Whiskey Makers Series

new from Jameson celebrating the effect of distillation, cask selection and blending on the final spirit. Each has been chosen by a member of the distillery's production team: Head blender Billy Leighton, head distiller Brian Nation and head cooper Ger Buckley. Each is named after a tool vital to their trade and carries the name and fingerprint of the creator.

The Blenders Dog

35.5ml €9.50

The Coopers Croze

35.5ml €9.50

The Distillers Safe

35.5ml €9.50


we are pleased to present these premium spirit selections for your enjoyment

Bulleit Frontier Bourbon

orange wedge and a coke €7.50

The 'Blenders Dog'

Jameson whiskey sour €9.50

Espresso Martini

Ketel One premium vodka with double Lavazza espresso €8.50

'Magic Mike's' Ketel One Citrus Mint Spritz

Ketel One premium vodka, fresh lime juice, mint leaves, ice and soda €8.50

Tom Collins

Dingle small batch premium gin, fresh lemon juice and soda water €8.50

Raspberry Gin Fizz

Drumshanbo Gunpowder Irish Gin, fresh muddled raspberries, gom syrup, fresh mint and topped with soda water €8.50