Irish stout
pint €5.00 - half pint €3.00


this stout's flavour is evocative of caramel and malt, Cork's favourite
pint €5.00 - half pint €3.00

Famous Ned O'Shea's Stout

coffee, chocolate and toffee malt aroma and body. Its bitterness is delicate and balanced to a fine art, brewed in small batches
pint €5.50 - half pint €3.50

Hop House 13

flavourful lager, light and hoppy with crisp refreshing flavours
pint €5.30 - half pint €3.40

Brewers Project

Open Gate Brewery Draught Beer. Still inovative after 256 years of brewing at Guinness, we are proud to serve the seasonal draught beer from the Open Gate Brewery. Our staff will be happy to tell you what we are pouring today!
pint €5.30 - half pint €3.00