Buyers Advocate Melbourne Statistics

In Australia, over 500,000 homes change hands each year, and there are an additional 220,000 new homes built each year, which is a total of 3/4 of a million homes built or sold each year in Australia alone. The above statistics won’t account for the number of rentals, sublets, and other types of leases for property. There is a growing trend amongst all of this new home and older home switching. What buyers advocate Melbourne does is a stand-in for the Buyer. Many more people who are in search of purchasing a home are considering and hiring buyers advocate Melbourne Firms to negotiate their new home purchases. This article will give several reasons why this is an essential way homeowners are finding ways to make a better investment in their home purchases.

Buyers Advocate Melbourne Rates

Having a buyers advocate Melbourne Firm assist finding your home is a win-win situation. At present, the annual rate of home prices is rising at 3.23% per year. In three years, the same house you purchase for $10 million at market price will be worth $11 million. So the investment of hiring a buyers advocate Melbourne Negotiating Firm to close your home purchase will pay for itself at a closing price anywhere less than 3% of your home value. If you plan to keep the home for 15-20 years, the same home value with appreciation could be worth as much as $16 million by the time or resale, giving you many years of appreciation on the home. Your real estate choice turns out to be an excellent investment for a new home purchase.

Real Estate Investments Using Buyers Advocate Melbourne

Often large buyers advocate Melbourne Firms purchase new or used home outright as an investment upfront as a service to clients looking for homes in perfect condition and as investments or for homeownership. Buyers advocate Melbourne Firms offer their new clients lower premium purchase prices. This is a great way to offer new solutions. Also, the firms can provide other services for finding a new home at their client’s request. Any real estate investment making a similar choice allows the homeowner searching for a new home, the best of both worlds. Syndey and Melbourne are ranked as two of the hardest cities to purchase an affordable home, with only Vancouver and Hong Kong being higher in the world. Having a professional negotiator as an aid to close your negotiations can be one of the best investments you can make in a new home purchase.

Sales Increase With Buyers Advocate Melbourne

A person who is looking for a home to be auctioned in Australia, you can take consolation that the auctions of residence in Australia have risen 20% among home sales in recent years between 2014-2015. Having a buyers advocate Melbourne Auction Negotiator will save you days, weeks, and even months of searching on your own. These large buyers advocate Melbourne negotiation firms have hundreds of certified real estate agents continually finding, previewing, and qualifying the best homes available in all the major cities in Australia. Their expertise could be the right negotiating power you need to win the auction of a home you are keen to own.